Being a director doesn’t come with lots of goodies. You wear many hats and divide your time between so many duties. You’re part DP, producer, production manager, peace-maker, lunch decider, therapist, priest, and so much more. So, when people ask, “What exactly does a director do,” I think the perfect response would be, “anything and everything.”
This could be a hell of disappointment for those planning to venture into the business but not worry everything is simple “just take it easy” One of the best directors working today “Quentin Tarantino says that Terry Gilliam once told him that being a director means being good at hiring talented people, and Kevin Smith says that it’s all about being able to answer questions.

Have clear purpose and objectives.
This simply means, to know the purpose, objectives and goals of your production. You cannot afford to mess up at this point because unless you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve then it can be quite hectic to get to the end.
Be flexible (Don’t Always Stick to the Script)
Be creative and most of all flexible in production. They say what cannot harm you what cannot kill you. As long as your simple additions here and there don’t spoil anything then apply it if it makes the film better.
Study Other Styles to Learn Yours
Many great directors in the film industry have made it through learning from others. At times it is good to accept that you cannot possibly know everything. Anyone can be a teacher either one of your actors or even technical operators therefore always be open to learn new things no matter how small it might be.

Be a leader
You could be the most creative, groundbreaking, super duper Oscar-worthy director in the history of the universe, but if you don’t know how to be a leader and rally your team to work together and be creative and be excited about the work they’re doing on-set, it’ll show in your film and it’s not pretty. I promise
Avoid Fights on Set
Be friendly. The fact that you are in charge doesn’t mean anything. It means you are a leader and therefore you should lead by example and only then can things run smoothly. Lower yourself to the level of your team and try to understand them.
Spend Your Time Wisely
Every production runs on a budget. So any minute wasted is extra money wasted which at sometimes the production doesn’t have. It is the responsibility of the director to organize everything and make sure everything is done on time.
Respect and Take Care of Your Team
Be the big brother. Be the mama bear. This means making sure they’re happy, fed, and getting along. This way everything will fall in place..
Respect Your Actors
What your actors can do perhaps you cannot do. Respect their work and do not underrate them.

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