Qualities of a good video Editor

Qualities of a good video Editor

Patience and practice are gifts required in the editing field or post-production but there are a lot of other things editors have to do to become masters in this game. In this article we look at tips   to becoming a perfect editor that is, one that people want to hire.

Edit a lot

Practice makes perfect! How do you achieve this? Learn from videos, sites like YouTube are there to make things possible for you. Google offers free articles on any topic of your choice, read books on editing but getting to work is the only way you’re ever going to make significant headway in getting better at your craft. So, get busy editing. If you don’t have any projects to work on, try editing random/stock footage to try out new techniques. That way you improve your skills so as your creativity

Edit with purpose

What do I mean by edit with a purpose? Working for an end product, something that will eventually be seen by others. When you work on a deadline, you are sure that there’s an audience on the other side and therefore makes you edit differently.

Upload your work online, get feedback. It’s a good way to get into the mindset of someone who produces something for someone else.

Be Unique

Editing is technical but also requires extra creativity. Be unique. Any other person can cut up shots and make a decent sequence, but at the end of the day only you can do it your way.

 Be a storyteller

Editing isn’t just cutting together a bunch of shots. It’s telling a story. Learn how to use special visual and sound effects right. Learn all you can about the language of editing and you are good to go.

Be ready for crisis

Remember, editing is part technical. You should know your tools, your NLE, video platform, data transfer, etc well enough to solve any issues that may arise, because even though it’s annoying to have your work halted by some technical problem, it may turn out to be a reason for clients not to hire you next time.

N/B: To become perfect in editing requires constant and continuous practice. Apart from that, mingle with other professionals in your field to learn one, two, three new things from them because learning is a process of life.

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